Friday, 6 March 2015

Getting to know the Blue Book Family
Introducing Martina Delaney - Sommelier at l'Ecrivain Restaurant 

Martina started in l’Ecrivain Restaurant in 1994 as assistant manager, and as her interest was in wines, she soon became assistant Sommelier and then progressed to the wonderful Sommelier she is today. Her knowledge of wines in Ireland is second to none.  She has won numerous Sommelier of the Year Awards over the last 15 years for example most recently Food and Wine Sommelier of the Year 2011. Martina  became a member of the Champagne Academy in 2001. The wine industry is her passion, and her hobby. 

l’Ecrivain is open Monday to Saturday for dinner and on Thursdays and Fridays for lunch.
Every day is a different service and a different challenge. People like informed choices and Martina loves nothing better than to introduce a new wine or producer to the customers.

l’Ecrivain do a tasting menu and part of Martina’s job is to match wines to the  menu. Also, Martina is a firm believer is training other members of Team l’Ecrivain on the wines on offer. 
Now that Ireland is such a purveyor of fine wines, there are various wine merchants and  producers visiting  Dublin almost every week.  They love to call in on Martina to tell her of their latest harvest, or the newest product they have added to their portfolio.  They include Paddy Borthwick from New Zealand, Luc Lapeyre from Minervois, Catherine Leonard from Henriot Champagne,  Jan Petterson from Fernando de Castilla Shery House to name a few.

l’Ecrivain host many wine dinners which are organised in conjunction with the suppliers :Tindal Wines, Wines Direct, Grace Campbell Wines, Wine Mason, Morgans Wine Merchants, Wicklow Wine Company, Tender Shoots, Approach Trade, Taste of Italy and the Gleeson Group among others.

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