Wednesday, 10 August 2011

For the Maid of Honour...

For the bride and groom their big day is finally here. Everyone is excited; all the planning is done and everything is arranged.

For you, the maid of honour, the night before is time to do the final check to ensure that, no matter what the wedding throws at you, you have your super hero head on and are ready to swoop in and avoid any impending disasters.

We asked Blue Book houses & hotels wedding co-ordinators:
Gretchen Ridgeway of Barberstown Castle, Co. Kildare, Marie Laffan of Castle Durrow, Co. Laois, Mary Powell  of Cromleach Lodge, Co Sligo and Catherine Lawlor of Rathsallagh House, Co Wicklow for advice on what the maid of honour should keep in her bag on the big day.

The Bride and her Bridesmaids at Rathsallagh House
So for the maids of honor to be here it is:

 The Top 10 List of Maid of Honour tools to avoid wedding calamity!

1. Phone Numbers of groom, groomsmen, bridesmaids, and the parents on both sides.  
If there is a delay, longer than what is traditional, in getting the bride to the ceremony call ahead to the one of the wedding party.  The groom is going to be nervous enough as it is!!

2. Tissues.
It is going to be a very emotional day and to avoid "mascara mishaps" ensure you have at least one packet of tissues at the ready. 
Longeuville House Reception
3. Hairpins. 
They don’t take up much room and are essential. If the photos are outdoors a few extra clips might be required to avoid the "windswept look" and keep the brides veil in place.

4. Plasters.
A wedding day is a "new shoe day".  The bridal party will all want to dance the night away at the reception so keep those plasters handy.

5. Mints.
There will be lots of hugs and kisses on the big day. The bride and groom will want to be fresh all day long!

6. Rescue remedy.
That moment when the bride pulls up to the wedding venue can be a daunting one. A few drops or a pastille can help calm and soothe her nerves.

Cromleach Lodge 
 7. Sewing kit.
Just in case! If the dress has a train it is more prone to getting pulled or snagged. A little kit with thread the same colour as the brides dress and also the bridesmaids dresses can save the day! Also, having a few pins at the ready for the groomsmen's flowers is always a good idea.

8. Make up.
Keep just the basics in your bag,  blotting papers to avoid shine and the lippy are enough to have on you.

9. Deodorant/perfume.
A little spritz through the day will keep the bride happy!

10. Your speech.
If you are feeling a little nervous about it, write it down and have it in your bag.

That’s it ladies! A little bit of preparation goes a long way. It’s such a wonderful honour to stand as a bridesmaid with a wonderful friend on her big day. Relax, enjoy it and you will have memories to last a lifetime.
Beautiful Barberstown Castle Bride
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